Buying Tip – Focus On “Motivated” Sellers

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Just a quick tip today for you if you are looking for a property and you want to find a good deal. There’s a lot of real estate on the market. And in a lot of cases, for any number of reasons, some sellers are very “motivated” to sell. What does this mean for you? Well, if your offer to buy comes in at the right time, you might find a seller who’s willing to let a property go for well under market value… which could set you up with some instant equity and a solid chance at making a […] Click To Read More

How To Get “Eyeballs” On Your Property

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  If you’ve been thinking about selling a property, or if you’ve been trying to sell a property without success, then you’ll probably want to start taking a more innovative approach to your marketing. After all, it’s not as easy to sell real estate today as it was a few years ago before the markets crashed. Here below are some ideas that should help you. The first thing you’ll want to do is use a service like Realbird.Com to build a nice “Single Property” website for your property. This will accomplish 2 main things. First, you’ll have an “online base” […] Click To Read More

Buying A Home? Take This Free Video Credit Course

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Here below is a series of videos that will teach you what you need to know about getting your credit in shape for a home purchase. Please feel free to share these videos with a friend who currently owns or is looking to own a home. Staying out of credit trouble can have a big impact on your financial help for years to come! Credit Course Video 1 Credit Course Video 2 Credit Course Video 3 Credit Course Video 4 Credit Course Video 5 Credit Course Video 6 Credit Course Video 7 Click To Read More

Negotiating Rules (7 Videos)

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In the series of videos below you’ll learn about 7 rules to follow when negotiating your next home purchase. These are: Never Put Your Best Offer First Develop a good relationship with the cooperating agent Know when to walk away Know what the seller wants Know your market Get A Home Inspection Ask For it! These rules are outlined in the 7 videos below… Negotiating Rules 1 Negotiating Rules 2 Negotiating Rules 3 Negotiating Rules 4 Negotiating Rules 5 Negotiating Rules 6 Negotiating Rules 7 Click To Read More

Get Preapproved

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Before you even start shopping for a home, you’ll want to be sure you have financing in place to make your purchase. Getting a “pre-approval” from a reputable lender is one of the first steps in your home shopping process. Watch this video for more details: Click To Read More

5 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent

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Working with a true real estate professional comes with a lot of advantages over trying to go it alone. By working with a pro you’ll get: Someone with Market Knowledge who can help you navigate existing inventory and get you a good deal Someone with the industry contacts to help you through a pain free transaction To save time! You’ll save time making common newbie mistakes. Plus you’ll be able to quickly focus in on properties fitting your unique criteria A 3rd Party Buffer when it comes time to negotiate. You won’t want too many emotions involved here — having […] Click To Read More

Rent To Own Video Course

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With all the uncertainty in the real estate markets these days, a lot of folks are choosing Rent To Own as a strategy for acquiring their next home. The following video course details what you need to know about the Rent To Own Lease Purchase process. 3 Things To Consider Before Doing A Rent To Own Your Rent To Own Checklist   3 Truths About Rent To Own 3 Ways To Prepare for A Rent To Own Purchase 4 Keys To Finding A Good Rent To Own Opportunity Who Is Responsible For What In A Rent To Own Your Down […] Click To Read More